Stop domestic violence and raise awareness with and DVAA!

Empowered and Beautiful is a website that provides empowerment and encouragement to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our goal is to make a difference in the community, bring awareness, and to bring a little hope to individual lives around us. It is time we start creating a violence free world by empowering women and children through the elimination of personal and institutional violence and oppression against all people. We are women and need to take a stand.  Be the voice for victims everywhere!!!!

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Welcome to Domestic Violence Awareness and Abuse project. Here you will find all the information on domestic violence and other awarenesses in one place. You can get information on awarenesses, statistics, resources, hotlines and much more. We want to make this awareness get out more so more victims speak up. If you want to help us please use the contact us page. Please pass this on to friends and family. Let's make a difference!

-DVAA project

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